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Case Study


ART-CARMA will use RMT in adults with ADHD to carry out unobtrusive, real-time data collection over an ongoing period of 12 months. By recruiting 300 adults split across UK and Spain (Barcelona VHIR) ADHD clinic and monitoring them remotely, objectively measured data will be collected relevant to cardiometabolic risk profiles from the patient’s daily life, both when and when not receiving pharmacotherapy. By targeting the informative period from pre-treatment initiation through to treatment initiation, titration and the subsequent period, up to 12 months in total, real-time data will be obtained on over a wide range of parameters, including side effects, that will inform the personalisation of treatment.

This project will incorporate a number of novel additional remote monitoring modalities such as the Embrace Plus as detailed in this blogpost https://www.empatica.com/blog/art-carma-study-measuring-and-improving-medication-adherence-in-adults-with-adhd-using-embraceplus.html