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CONNECT: Digital Psychosis Monitoring Trial
Case Study

CONNECT: Digital Psychosis Monitoring Trial

Psychosis monitoring in Connect using wearable devices and mobile phones

CONNECT is a research study led out of the University of Manchester with the goal of employing digital technology to determine if we can predict when someone’s mental health may deteriorate. Individuals experiencing psychosis often exhibit changes in activity levels, sleep patterns, and mobility shortly before becoming unwell or experiencing a relapse.

CONNECT is building a digital psychosis monitoring system using the RADAR-base platform. The system will collect data from psychosis participants through a smartphone app and wearables. This data will be used to develop an algorithm to predict relapse. The trial will recruit 1100 people and last 12 months. The researchers hope that the system will help people with psychosis get the support they need before they relapse.

 RMT arm n=1100.

The project is led from KCL by Prof. John Ainsworth

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